Providing Fun French in Chelmsford since 2008!

Children learning French

This is what some of the parents have to say about Un Petit Bonjour classes...

“My daughter enjoys the songs the most and often sings them when she’s playing. The best thing about the classes is that the children don’t realise they’re learning – they’re just having fun and yet the new language skills are increasing week by week. My daughter now counts to 10 in French with as much ease as if she were speaking English. Kay really is a remarkable teacher. Keep up the good work!”

(Mum to Tai, aged 3)

Young Children learning French

“They are getting better every week – it helps doing the same songs over and over. It’s a brilliant little class and it will be a huge advantage for the children to start learning at this early age. Thank you for all you put into your teaching – it’s fantastic!”

(Mum to Luke and Harley, aged 3)

“ Thank you for such a good job. Lou has come on so well and when you hear her singing French of her own volition, it makes your heart melt!”

(Mum to Lucia, aged 4)